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There's always live music at the Yungaburra Hotel featuring great talent from the local area.

Every 2nd Saturday music is supplied by the Yungaburra Folk Festival - come along for some soulful tunes!

Upcoming Events:

Friday nights: Goose club raffles only 50 cents a ticket!
Saturday nights: Buffet dinner
Every weekday: Happy hour from 5pm - 6pm

Plan your week with our Weekly Meal Deals* for only $18!
Monday – Parmie
Tuesday – Tbone
Wednesday – Rump
Thursday – Fish
*Dinner Time Only

Tablelands Folk Festival in Yungaburra – October 25 - 27

Memetica, in collaboration with Dulgaburra Elders Uncle Laurie and Aunty Syb and assisted by Festivals Australia has devised a giant puppet story and associated program for the promotion, celebration and exposure of traditional language of the Dulgubarra Yidinji traditional people of Janggaburru (Yungaburra) for the 2019 Tablelands Folk Festival.
As part of this year’s Festival theme of ‘Weaving Language’ we are incredibly proud to present ‘Voices of the Dulgubarra Yidinji – We Walk and Talk Together.
Under the tutelage of Memetica Giant Puppet maker Daniele Poidomani, local creatives are currently working dawn to dusk to produce a 4 metre tall giant puppet Elder, Junggaburru.
Uncle Laurie Padmore, Dulgubarra Yidinji Elder has set the scene with The Naming Journey of Janggaburru and Gubina illustrated by Saraya Stewart with a World Circle:
Janggaburru is the tree spirit elder who was chosen by the god Gubi of Buluur (storytime) to carry out several tasks for him. He was assisted by the sky spirit little range eagle Gabina.

One day, Gubi sent a message to Gabina to deliver it to Janggaburru. Gubi had seen streets named after trees at a small village town called Yungaburra.

He said to Gabina the people of the village must be told that the other name for Yungaburra is Janggaburru (the Queensland Silver Ash) and the street names given are those of his children.
The street names not only represent the names of his children but also the points of the compass.
Gabina, you have seen the streets from on high, you must show him where to look for his children, as he would not be able to recognise his children with their present tree names.
Gubi said it would make Janggaburru very happy to find his children again.

Gabina said to himself I must tell Janggaburru about this message given to me by Gubi, I must use the wind to fly more quickly than a boomerang to tell him about the task he must undertake on his journey to find his children.

On his journey he will pass through the market where he must also give language names to foods and artifacts.

On continuing his journey, to prevent his being lost on his quest in finding his children, he must name different areas in and around a folk festival that is being held by the people of the village.

Join Janggaburru on his journey, all weekend around the festival site.

Tablelands Folk Festival in Yungaburra – October 25 - 27
Earlybird Weekend ticks now on sale online.

2019 Tablelands Folk Festival – Yungaburra township – October 25-27. Early bird tickets on sale online now.

Health and Wellness Fair 2019 as part of the Tablelands Folk Festival


The Health and Wellness Fair 2019 hosts health practitioners from the Tablelands and surrounds providing you with a place of relaxation and healing amidst the energetic fun of the Tablelands Folk Festival.


The Fair is open from late Friday until Sunday, with the Saturday and Sunday being kicked off from 7:30am with a yoga class held at the fair’s very own kaleidoscope stage area in Kehoe Park. 


Here at the Health & Wellness Fair we believe that the arts are very much a part of what makes up a healthy society so be sure to check out our fully packed stage line-up. 


It’s full of the healing arts, education and workshops. Included this year are meditations, drumming, performances by In2dance and Malanda Theatre Co amidst contemporary dance solos, singers, story time with Dulgaburru Yidinji Elder Uncle Laurie Padmore and much more. 


Come along to refresh and enliven and get your own health and creative art juices flowing!

2019 Tablelands Folk Festival – Yungaburra township – October 25-27. Early bird tickets on sale online now. 

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